Dan’s L&L Fine Jewelry carries a large selection of quality wedding rings for you to choose from. Everything from plain bands, to semi mounts, to loose diamonds, to rings all set up. We can even have a custom wedding ring done if that is your dream.


We have in stock a number of loose diamonds in various grades and prices from a tiny 1/100th of a carat to 2+ carat stones. If we do not have what you need on hand, we can locate one through our vast trading network for your approval.


Between going to various jewelry conventions around the country and our suppliers, we have numerous wedding ring sets available in stock, including both semi mounted and with the diamond already set. We can always change the diamond out of a setting if you wish or already have a diamond. We also carry plain bands for both men and women, and can order many styles with a quick delivery time.


Please stop by Dan’s L&L, and one our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the wedding ring of your dreams! We do try to make jewelry buying a very fun experience.