Does Dan’s do jewelry appraisals?

Yes we do! For most higher priced items, we can include a free appraisal. Otherwise, most jewelry appraisals cost $25.


I would like a custom ring made, is that something you are able to do?

Yes! We have a designer we work with who can custom create something off of your ideas. Most of the time a computer generated design is made for your approval. Then a wax mold is created so you can see it in person. Finally the gold is poured, stones mounted, polishing and other finishing work is done, and you have your own unique custom ring! We do everything we can to keep the price down, but they are more expensive then an ” off the shelf” ring. Stop by for an estimate.


What kind of repairs do you offer?

We can do most repairs that your jewelry would need. Our prices are very reasonable, and most jobs are done the following week.


It says you buy teeth. Really?

Yes! Not the most pleasant item we buy, but there is definitely value in gold teeth, especially the yellow gold. If you get work done, ask to keep it from your dentist and bring it in for cash.


I don’t know if this old jewelry has any value or is even gold. What should I do?

Just bring it in. We will be happy to sort out the gold and silver from the low value plated items. We do it every day, so it will not take long, and you will get top dollar for the items we can buy.


What kind of coins do you buy?

Our “sister store”, Greater Milwaukee Coin is downstairs from the jewelry store. They buy any collectible coins, as well as all foreign coins and paper money. Old silver and gold coins are the ones that add up the quickest. We attend coin shows around the country, so we are always in need of fresh material. If you are unsure, just bring it in. AND make sure to never clean your coins.


I see you are only open 4 days a week?

Yes – we don’t like to work too hard! In reality, we have had this schedule for almost 20 years, and it allows us to keep costs down, and get all the things done on Mondays and Tuesdays that we never get the chance to do while open.


Do I need to make an appointment?

In most cases you can simply stop by with your items. However, if you have a large accumulation, it may be best to call ahead and talk about perhaps setting up an appointment.


I have some flatware, I think it is sterling, but I am not sure, how can I tell?

We buy sterling flatware, candlesticks, etc. if it is solid sterling, not just plated. Most items will actually say “sterling”, or .925. If you are unsure, just bring them in, and we can tell you, and buy them if you decide to sell.