Jewelry Trading

Do you have some pieces of jewelry you have not worn in awhile? Or perhaps something that is broken? Dan’s L&L Fine Jewelry pays top dollar for all gold and sterling jewelry. Since we do such a large business in pre-owned jewelry and jewelry trading, we can pay more than our competition for items we can resell. We also pay top dollar for diamonds. Numerous customers have used us for their jewelry trading and sold their diamonds to us after shopping around.


We also buy gold watches, Rolex watches, antique jewelry, and even gold teeth! If you are not sure, bring it in. Whether it is one piece or an estate we are very interested in making an offer.


Many customers have come in to sell jewelry, saw our fine selection and low prices, and decided to buy some jewelry right then! Many have become customers for years. Trading in some unwanted jewelry for a new special piece is a great idea, as a trade lowers or eliminates the sales tax, saving even more money.


With our full service coin store downstairs, we are also able to buy things such as US and foreign coins and paper money, gold and silver bullion, tokens and medals, proof sets, etc. Again, if you are not sure, bring it in!